Potential Buyers on Instagram

When we are talking about the best additional platforms to market your products, Facebook’s Instagram will be the first name you recognize. Instagram that has been acquisitioned by Facebook in 2012 turned out to be the best platform for online shop business. With very high potential engagement Instagram offers, this platform is the best social media platform to promote your brand.

The research shows that most Instagram users are in a buying mindset. This is because the most popular trends worldwide are posted regularly on Instagram. These people, who always want to follow the trends will not miss any change to buy the latest products. Now you have the potential customers already, the next step is how you can attract them from Instagram.

  1. Increase Your Instagram Account Reach

The most important thing in using free marketing platform such as Instagram is knowing the strategies to improve the reach. By improving your Instagram account reach to the potential customers, you have opened the opportunities to gain the real customers. One of the best ways to make your Instagram posts more visible to the customers is by using hashtags.

Increase Your Instagram Account Reach
Increase Your Instagram Account Reach

Absolutely it is not enough to just put as many as hashtags on every of your posts. Just put 3 to 5 hashtags on every posts to avoid spam looks. You should make sure that your posts are distinctive and relatable to your target consumers. If you are targeting your brand for local consumers, then use the company’s brand name.

  1. Working with Several Influencers

Influencers on Instagram are people who gain many followers from that actively listen to what they are saying or what they are wearing. You only need to search for the suitable influencers that fit with your products niche. Asking the influencers to promote your products on their account enables you to gain more branding awareness from potential customers.

  1. Eye-catching post

The basic function of Instagram is to share pictures to anyone else. Therefore, in order to attract your ideal pictures, you should create eye – catching and high – quality images for your viewers.

You only have small chance to introduce your brand to your potential customers on Instagram. Don’t waste this opportunity. Posting high – resolution and attention – grabbing images will attract their interests in your brand.

Eye-catching post
Eye-catching post
  1. Actively Engage with Your Customers

Good engagement with customers doesn’t always mean that you can reach as many as likes, comments and followers in your account. Getting as many as followers means nothing if you cannot get them actively involved with your brand.

Several actions you can do such as organize relevant contests to get your followers actively involved with your brand. The simplest way is by responding their comments or just giving them your likes. You can even thank the customers for using your brands. This method enables you to build stronger relationship with the loyal customers.

  1. Write Attractive Captions

Posting a photo only on your Instagram account is not enough to attain more interests. You need to add attractive captions that will encourage them to purchase your products.