Most Popular Social Media Platforms

Running an online shop business means that you have to understand how to use social media platform actively. We can imagine social media platform as a new country that has lots of “citizens” in it. Therefore, social media has great potential to grow your online shop business.

  1. Facebook

Yes, absolutely there is no wonder of why we placed Facebook as the number one social media platform that provides you with high potential in attracting customers. Facebook now has 2.41 billion active users daily which make this platform has become one gigantic “country” with billion citizens inside.


You can use Facebook to generate social brand awareness, online conversion, achieve more website traffic, as well as lead generation. These goals can be done if you understand how to use this platform properly.

  1. Facebook Messenger

In order to use Facebook Messenger, you have to download and install it separately from Facebook app. There are several additional features you will get only by using Facebook Messenger. You may initially think that this platform only functioned to send direct messages for private purpose while the truth is beyond your imagination.

You can use Facebook Messenger as your business pages. Although you need to download separate platform, but Facebook Messenger still one part of Facebook. Therefore, you will still gain access to Facebook’s users base. Then how this Facebook Messenger works?

The simplest way to explain it is whenever your viewers click on the ad, they will directly prompted to your business page Facebook Messenger. You can also arrange automated messages to all of the messages come from the visitors. It can build more trust from the customer to your business

  1. Instagram

Instagram is actually still one part of Facebook since this platform has been bought by Facebook in 2012. Since the acquisition by Facebook, Instagram shows significant growth continuation until this day. Absolutely there are several similar access to Facebook that Instagram has, but let’s positioned this platform as a different one since it has several different features from Facebook platform.


Instagram now has up to 500 million active users daily. It also offers its users with advertising service with lots of good features. You can also grow your business marketing organically from Instagram. Because Instagram is a visual social media platform, this is a place where you have to compete by posting great quality videos or photos.

  1. Youtube

There are for about 2 billion active users monthly of Youtube. This is a platform that enables the users to share videos on their channels. You can use Youtube to share your company content to more than 30 million active daily users. Because Youtube is a visual platform, this is a place where you have to compete by posting great quality videos.


Youtube is owned by Google so you can enjoy the same access to Google’s advertising platform. You can also apply almost the same SEO tips on your Youtube videos since it has similar algorithm to Google search engine.