Challenges Faced by Online Shop

If you are now operating a new online shop business you may start to meet several challenges that you don’t expect them to be. Many new comers in online shop business don’t really know about the kind of challenges that are awaiting for them. The high competition rate with unlimited access to lots of products have become potential to boost your business as well as your new challenges.

Absolutely there are major competitors to everyone who want to run online shop business. Amazon and eBay are several major competitors in this field and China is now going to be one of the major competitors. To improve your online shop business, you need to understand what kind of challenges wait you in front.

Challenges Faced by Online Shop
Challenges Faced by Online Shop
  1. Find the Unique Products to Sell

Wide range of products access from whole around the world with rapid innovation have made several new comers confused of what kind of things they can create. The uniqueness of your product is one of the main thing you should think before launching the online shop.

Not only offering customers with uniqueness of your product, but the availability of the products is also important. You also have to ensure that the products you sell answer all their needs.

  1. Understand the Behaviors of the Customers

The behaviors of the present customers have changed drastically from the way they are back in the day. Many of the customers use various platforms to search for the products they want such as Amazon, eBay. They are now not only using Google to search what they want. Influencers from social media have also became one of the great role model for people.

Customers also spend most of their time not only to read the products descriptions but also to read the product reviews. They also now not only use one type of payment method, therefore you have to provide them with lots of the methods.

Behaviors of the Customers
Behaviors of the Customers
  1. Getting New Customers

Lots variety of online shop platforms has made the competition rate very high. Nowadays, in order to gain new customers, you may need to spend more effort as well as money. Therefore, finding and implementing right tactics are the most valuable thing you need to do to attract new customers.

  1. Choosing the Suitable Technology Providers

In order to make the business growth, online shop depends highly on the usage of technology. Therefore, wrong decision in choosing technology will recess their business improvement. In order to gain good growth in your online business you have to choose the right email software, analytics tools, shopping cart solution and many more.

Suitable Technology Providers
Suitable Technology Providers
  1. Creating High Quality Leads

The major spending of most of the new online store is to drive high traffic to the online store. But, driving traffic only is not enough. You need to generate good leads in order to change the traffic into conversion rates. You can offer your potential customers with email newsletter subscribing so that you can communicate privately to them.

Tips to Get the Best Deals on Black Friday
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Tips to Get the Best Deals on Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the best day for hardcore shoppers because they can get the best offers for many goods in a day. Some people even prepare themselves to queue in line before dawn for hours. All they do so that they will not run out the supplies from the stores. Now, in order to get the best deals on Black Friday, dedicated shoppers don’t need to queue in line for hours in front of the store.

Hardcore shoppers now have the other options to get the best offers during Black Friday. Bunch of e-commerce and online shops are able to fulfil their needs for best quality products. If you have waited for so long to this day to come, there are several actions and strategies you should prepare beforehand. Preparing strategies will make you more organized when the day comes.

The Best 4 Strategies to Get Best Deals on Black Friday

  1. Research the Pricing of Pre – Black Friday

Remember that not every deals being offered by the seller on Black Friday are really a deal. Many sellers just do some tricks such as replacing original sticker prices on the products and place the new sticker with higher price.

Research the Pricing of Pre - Black Friday
Research the Pricing of Pre – Black Friday

Therefore, when black Friday comes and they offer you with 50 percent discount, you are actually paying the real price of the product or at least the price doesn’t decrease that much. To avoid yourself from purchasing any suspicious price on Black Friday, you should research the pricing long before the Black Friday.

  1. Sign Up for Stores’ Email Notification

Getting regular newsletters from the retailer that you have signed up for is one of the best ways you should do so you will not miss any good offers at on Black Friday. Several best retail will offer you regular email notification if you subscribe to their newsletters. This will be more convenient than wasting your time to open up their social media and website every time possible.

Stores’ Email Notification
Stores’ Email Notification
  1. Make a List of What Products You Want to Shop

Although Black Friday season is very hard to resist, don’t buy every products that are offered by the stores. Just purchase the products that you really need either for short time or long time. You can also make a short list of people that you will be shopping for. Write down the products that you will be shopping for and the price range for each of the products.

By doing this, you can avoid of purchasing products that you don’t really need. You can also save more money in your wallet which you can thank to it later.

  1. Understand the Policies

Some retailers may apply different policies about the return and restocking fees. The best return policies every customers want will be full cash refund for the products you have purchased within 14 days. But this is not always the case. During Black Friday season, many retailers will loosen or change their return policies to the customers who shop within this time frame.

Most Popular Social Media Platforms to Improve Your Online Shop Business
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Most Popular Social Media Platforms to Improve Your Online Shop Business

Running an online shop business means that you have to understand how to use social media platform actively. We can imagine social media platform as a new country that has lots of “citizens” in it. Therefore, social media has great potential to grow your online shop business.

  1. Facebook

Yes, absolutely there is no wonder of why we placed Facebook as the number one social media platform that provides you with high potential in attracting customers. Facebook now has 2.41 billion active users daily which make this platform has become one gigantic “country” with billion citizens inside.


You can use Facebook to generate social brand awareness, online conversion, achieve more website traffic, as well as lead generation. These goals can be done if you understand how to use this platform properly.

  1. Facebook Messenger

In order to use Facebook Messenger, you have to download and install it separately from Facebook app. There are several additional features you will get only by using Facebook Messenger. You may initially think that this platform only functioned to send direct messages for private purpose while the truth is beyond your imagination.

You can use Facebook Messenger as your business pages. Although you need to download separate platform, but Facebook Messenger still one part of Facebook. Therefore, you will still gain access to Facebook’s users base. Then how this Facebook Messenger works?

The simplest way to explain it is whenever your viewers click on the ad, they will directly prompted to your business page Facebook Messenger. You can also arrange automated messages to all of the messages come from the visitors. It can build more trust from the customer to your business

  1. Instagram

Instagram is actually still one part of Facebook since this platform has been bought by Facebook in 2012. Since the acquisition by Facebook, Instagram shows significant growth continuation until this day. Absolutely there are several similar access to Facebook that Instagram has, but let’s positioned this platform as a different one since it has several different features from Facebook platform.


Instagram now has up to 500 million active users daily. It also offers its users with advertising service with lots of good features. You can also grow your business marketing organically from Instagram. Because Instagram is a visual social media platform, this is a place where you have to compete by posting great quality videos or photos.

  1. Youtube

There are for about 2 billion active users monthly of Youtube. This is a platform that enables the users to share videos on their channels. You can use Youtube to share your company content to more than 30 million active daily users. Because Youtube is a visual platform, this is a place where you have to compete by posting great quality videos.


Youtube is owned by Google so you can enjoy the same access to Google’s advertising platform. You can also apply almost the same SEO tips on your Youtube videos since it has similar algorithm to Google search engine.

Tips to Engage More Potential Buyers on Instagram
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Tips to Engage More Potential Buyers on Instagram

When we are talking about the best additional platforms to market your products, Facebook’s Instagram will be the first name you recognize. Instagram that has been acquisitioned by Facebook in 2012 turned out to be the best platform for online shop business. With very high potential engagement Instagram offers, this platform is the best social media platform to promote your brand.

The research shows that most Instagram users are in a buying mindset. This is because the most popular trends worldwide are posted regularly on Instagram. These people, who always want to follow the trends will not miss any change to buy the latest products. Now you have the potential customers already, the next step is how you can attract them from Instagram.

  1. Increase Your Instagram Account Reach

The most important thing in using free marketing platform such as Instagram is knowing the strategies to improve the reach. By improving your Instagram account reach to the potential customers, you have opened the opportunities to gain the real customers. One of the best ways to make your Instagram posts more visible to the customers is by using hashtags.

Increase Your Instagram Account Reach
Increase Your Instagram Account Reach

Absolutely it is not enough to just put as many as hashtags on every of your posts. Just put 3 to 5 hashtags on every posts to avoid spam looks. You should make sure that your posts are distinctive and relatable to your target consumers. If you are targeting your brand for local consumers, then use the company’s brand name.

  1. Working with Several Influencers

Influencers on Instagram are people who gain many followers from that actively listen to what they are saying or what they are wearing. You only need to search for the suitable influencers that fit with your products niche. Asking the influencers to promote your products on their account enables you to gain more branding awareness from potential customers.

  1. Eye-catching post

The basic function of Instagram is to share pictures to anyone else. Therefore, in order to attract your ideal pictures, you should create eye – catching and high – quality images for your viewers.

You only have small chance to introduce your brand to your potential customers on Instagram. Don’t waste this opportunity. Posting high – resolution and attention – grabbing images will attract their interests in your brand.

Eye-catching post
Eye-catching post
  1. Actively Engage with Your Customers

Good engagement with customers doesn’t always mean that you can reach as many as likes, comments and followers in your account. Getting as many as followers means nothing if you cannot get them actively involved with your brand.

Several actions you can do such as organize relevant contests to get your followers actively involved with your brand. The simplest way is by responding their comments or just giving them your likes. You can even thank the customers for using your brands. This method enables you to build stronger relationship with the loyal customers.

  1. Write Attractive Captions

Posting a photo only on your Instagram account is not enough to attain more interests. You need to add attractive captions that will encourage them to purchase your products.